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  • Acting Through Song

  • Audition Prep

  • College Audition Prep

  • Masterclasses

  • Rep Book Consultation and Coaching

  • Scene and Monologue Coaching

My Philosophy

We are limited by the playwright or composer when it comes to our final product, but in the rehearsal room, I believe that nothing is off limits, and exploration may lead to something unexpected that brings the story to life.  If you approach a piece with a preconceived notion of what it should look like, it will never be more than that notion.


Because of my exposure to a variety of methods, I do not subscribe to a

“one size fits all” approach to material. 

As a coach and educator I have experience working with students from elementary school through college and professionals of all ages.


I thrive in an environment of collaboration.  I love to watch people work and find joy in exploration and how it leads to a real human experience that is unique to the person in it.


Marja Harmon
Angelica, Hamilton

Kristin's superpower is not only her talent,  but  her knowledge  of acting and the industry. She is a shapeshifter, a sponge , and she uses her experiences to help her fellow actors excel and grow. Whether it’s acting for the camera, preparing Shakespeare, or a musical theater cut , she knows exactly how to help you impress. For over 10 years she has been the first person I consult for my auditions, and I can attribute many successful and nuanced performances to her.


Priya Mahendra

Working with Kristin is a game changer for me. You can’t help but feel comfortable enough with her in the room to dive deep into your work and explore all the juicy details you didn’t even know existed. 

Her passion for (and mastery of) script analysis and character work is just…WOW.  I leave every session with a renewed sense of love for my work, a detailed and specific carving of my scene, and empowerment to make choices that are both true to me and in service of the character.


Brandon Grimes
Jekyll and Hyde National Tour

Kristin helped me find specificity and my own voice in the material. She has amazing insights into the subtleties of the text, taking a more active approach to a scene, and finding vibrant variety; and to top it off she is a kind and generous person. I highly recommend working with her!


Shaun-Avery Williams

Being a beginning actor, I found my time with Kristin extremely helpful! We were only able to do a thirty minute session. However, in that time I was given tools that not only brought success to my theatre auditions but proved useful in tv/film auditions as well as acting through song. She’s one of a kind!

alexis kinney.webp

Alexis Kinney
Calamity Jane, Off Broadway

Kristin took my audition to the next level! I’m now not scared to use the space in an audition room. She helped me find the honesty and confidence in the work I have prepared. She was amazing at breaking the scene down and getting to the point. As a result, my auditions are stronger and I’m getting the callbacks!

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