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at Fingerlakes Musical Theatre Festival

"Kristin Wetherington, as Lucille Frank is truly stuninng.  She shows off her passionate and powerful vocals at every moment. Her devotion to the role is evident.

Her well-trained voice shines in "You Don't Know This Man" and "Do It Alone".  They represent some of the best moments on stage."

- Broadway World

Galligan-Stierle and Wetherington captivate.

The lead duo finds a moving chemistry if only through shared dramatic and vocal excellence.

- Auburn Pub

His wife, Lucille (Kristin Wetherington), is anything but a passive Southern belle. Her heartfelt solo “You Don’t Know This Man” signals her resolve to do what she can. 

- Syracuse New Times

Director Brett Smock

Music Director Jeff Theiss

Lighting Designer Jose Santiago

Costume Designer Tiffany Howard

Photos by Ron Heerkens Jr.


Leading Actress in a Musical

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