And the singing is absolutely thrilling!

Broadway World

"Material girl and fashionista Egyptian Princess Amneris, a delightfully comic Kristin Wetherington, provides all the comic relief as she lets her vanity show"

Broadway World

Kristin Wetherington, as Lucille Frank, is truly stunning.

She shows off her passionate and powerful vocals at every moment. Her devotion to the role is evident.


Her well-trained voice shines in "You Don't Know This Man" and "Do It Alone".  They represent some of the best moments on stage.

Broadway World

 Galligan-Stierle and Wetherington captivate. The lead duo finds a moving chemistry through shared dramatic and vocal excellence.

Kristin Wetherington is almost indescribably delicious. When she is on stage, the stage is hers. 

Broadway World

Wetherington steals the show.

She alone is worth the price of admission.

Motif Magazine

Kristin Wetherington's bawdiness and physical comedy are perfection.

Norma, is a seismic force in this production.

Kristin Wetherington plays the role beautifully, infusing enough sass to be riotous every time she speaks.

Providence Journal 

Kristin Wetherington's dumb blonde character is phenomenally performed.

Her song “Paris Makes Me Horny" is the funniest number in the show.

-Theater Mirror

Kristin Wetherington makes a terrific Calamity.

She’s expressive, sings extremely well, and embraces just the right proud, pugnacious, rough-and-tumble demeanor, even moving boyishly.
The actor is credible, entertaining and sympathetic. A bright presence.
Casting agents alert.

Kristin Wetherington makes for a wonderfully sympathetic and conflicted Mrs. Keller.

Motif RI


Kate, the young second wife and Helen’s mother is played beautifully by Kristin Wetherington.

The Newport Daily News

Wetherington is excellent as Louise, handling the ill-at-ease eternal optimist very well.

Her transition to Gypsy is convincingly awkward, and when she develops confidence in herself and her act, she is a tigress.


Equal in talent and charisma, it's a pleasure to watch the radiant Wetherington. 

Utilizing her gorgeous voice, she delivers a couple of perfect and beautiful musical moments. Each one is memorable.

Also memorable are the moments when she proves that she is just as talented an actress as she is a singer.

Broadway World


The witch (Kristin Wetherington) delivers.
The New York Times

Wetherington unleashes her powerful soprano adding color to lyrics.


When it came time for applause it was Kristin Wetherington, the witch who the children loved for her acting and singing.

Times Square Chronicles