I believe our deepest desire is to connect -- truly connect with one another.


It's where our greatest power for change and love lies.


That desire to connect to others on a human level is why I love to travel the world, why I have never met a stranger and why I love to tell stories that stir the soul and make people think.

I am particularly drawn to southern stories and stories of

underestimated women discovering their resilience and strength

As an artist, I am always trying to find a deeper connection to the roles I play.

Through that connection, I have the gift of artistic expression, growth and the joy of learning more about myself with every story I share.  

A true southern girl transplanted to New York, Kristin was born and raised in North Carolina.  Her performance experience has taken her all over the world. 


She has trained at The Neighborhood Playhouse, Moscow Art Theatre School, and received her MFA from the American Repertory Theatre Institute at Harvard University.